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This polymer physics online book has been recently added to CROW's polymer database. The objective of this online book is to provide an introduction to polymer science. All articles are presented online in HTML and are organized by scientific and engineering field and each article is interlinked to related topics. Throughout this website you will find links to other websites that present related information.

The content presented on this website provides an overview of polymer physics. Although there is less detail than can be found in standard physics textbooks, the information should still be helpful to both graduate and undergraduate students and to scientists.

At this point in time, not all important areas of polymer physics have been covered in this online physics book. In time, many other important topics in polymer science will be added, making this online physics book a valuable resource for students and scientists as well as professionals in related industries.


About Polymer Physics

Polymer physics deals with the physical structure and the properties of polymers, as well as the reaction kinetics of polymerization of monomers and degradation of polymers. A number of excellent text books on these topics have been published over the years. We recommend the books listed below if the reader wants to learn more about a certain topic or wants to gain an indepth understanding of polymer physics.


How to Browse

This Index is organized alphabetically by subject and key words. Click on the letters A to Z on the top menu to peruse the index and then on an item to see the article associated with that keyword. Inside each article you will find links to related topics or more information on the same topic. Click on the links below "Related Topics" and "More" on the left sidebar to display similar topics, references, and other information that may relate to the article. On the right sidebar you will find a brief summary of the article displayed.


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