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Our mission is to provide state-of-the-art polymer property data.

Chemical Data Retrieval on the Web (CROW) offers thermo-physical data for a larger number of polymers and provides technical information on the most common plastics and resins. The data have been compiled from an extensive literature search and have been converted into SI units. The data and articles on plastic properties will be updated and extended regularly with new and revised content. Our goal is to offer property data for all common polymers. We believe there is great need for these data in research and in industry.

The amount of data available for polymers is still modest in comparison with the enormous amount of data available for low-molecular weight compounds. For this reason, many thermo-physical properties of polymers have been estimated by using similarity analysis and (linear) relationships between thermo-physical properties or have been predicted by using quantitative structure property relationships (QSPR's). A large number of (semi-empirical) prediction methods have been developed in the past. We found that these methods often provide acceptable results for monomeric compounds but not necessarily for polymers. We chose the most reliable methods to predict thermo-physical data.

The majority of the experimental thermo-physical data, and all predicted data found on this website, apply to high molecular weight polymers that are in the amorphous state and are fully atactic. Unfortunately, not all polymers have been synthesized as high molecular weight, fully amorphous compounds or information regarding molecular weight, microstructure, etc. have not been reported along with the published data. For this reason, some of the experimental thermo-physical data found in the literature are questionable, and predicted data are more reliable.

It is our mission to provide the most reliable thermo-physical data for polymers. All entries were reviewed carefully, to ensure the highest quality and relevance.

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