Thermoplastic Polyurethane Films



Thermoplastic polyurethane, also referred to as PU and TPU, is a flexible film with high elongation and properties and characteristics that are superior to most polyolefinic films. Thus TPU is often an excellent choice for more demanding film applications. This thermoplastic is inherently strong, flexible, tough, and easy to work with, and unlike vinyl, it is free of plasticizers, and thus, won't become brittle or lose performance over time. TPU film also exhibits excellent dynamic flex performance, abrasion resistance, and tear strength.

TPUs have excellent resistance to grease and pure mineral oils such as lubricants and fuel, and exhibit outstanding resistance to hydrolysis. In particular, polyether-based grades will not undergo any noticeable decomposition when exposed to hot steam and the mechanical properties are nearly unchanged whereas ester-based grades can be somewhat susceptible to hydrolysis at elevated temperatures. The polyether-based TPU's also exhibit excellent resistance to microbiological attack whereas ester-based grades can withstand higher temperatures.

TPUs are easy to work with, and can be easily modified to suit a particular application through the addition of fillers, dyes, lubricants, stabilizers, and other additives.


TPU films are well suited for many demanding industrial applications. Due to the low odor, high chemical resistance and inertness, many TPU grades are suitable for packaging applications under FDA regulations.

TPU films can be used over a wide range of temperatures. For example, common ester-based grades can withstand temperatures up to 130°C, whereas many ether-based grades can withstand temperatures up to 90°C.

TPU films are sold in various types, thicknesses, widths with properties tailored to meet specific requirements of particular end uses.


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