Polyvinyl Fluoride Films (PVF)


Polyvinyl fluoride, also known as PVF, is a semicrystalline, transparent to opaque thermoplastic polymer. The degree of crystallinity can vary considerably which greatly affects its mechanial properties. Although only one hydrogen atom is replaced by a fluorine atom in the polyethylene-like backbone, PVF shows many interesting properties. For example, PVF films have excellent weatherability, outstanding mechanical properties, good heat resistance, and are inert towards a large number of common chemicals and solvents.

PVF is often a cost-effective choice when superior resistance against UV, ozone, and other chemicals is needed. The film provides long lasting protection of exterior surfaces even in harsh outdoor environments

PVF can be easily extruded and die-cut, and is also printable. It is mainly sold as a biaxially oriented film under the tradename Tedlar.1 The film is produced in a large variety of light to dark colors. PVF has excellent fade resistance, good gloss retention and is also easy to clean and does not stain easily. In fact, it can maintain its original color for many decades.



PVF films are mainly used as surface protecting laminates in the aircraft and architectural industry to improve the chemical and UV resistance, and to provide an easy-to-clean surface. Important architectual film applications include wall coverings, residential and commercial roofing, siding, air-inflated structures, canopies, awnings and stadium domes. PVF is also used as a release film for CFRP composites and for transfer printing and as a back sheet material for solar panels.

1‚ÄĚTedlar is DuPont's tradename of PVF. It is the worlds only producer of PVF film.

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