MelaminE Fibers


Melamine are synthetic fibers in which the fiber-forming substance is a synthetic polymer composed of at least 50% by weight of a cross-linked melamine polymer.

Melamine fibers have excellent flame resistance and heat stability, and a low thermal conductivity. They can be processed with standard textile equipment and are sometimes blended with commodity fibers and other heat resistant fibers.


COMMERCIAL Melamin Fibers

The main manufacturer of melamin fibers is Basofil.



Melamine fibers are used for fire blocking fabrics like aircraft seating and upholstery in high-risk occupancies, protective clothing and gear for firefighters, mattresses, home furnishings that are compliant with 16 CFR1633 in high-risk occupancies, tire sealants, heat resistant gloves, insulating thermal liners, specialty flame resistant papers, electrical papers and filter medias of high capacity and efficiency.

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